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In this Year in 2018, we have Diwali on Wednesday, 7 November. We light up our homes, balcony with diyas and candles. Some call it Diwali, Deepavali or some called it Deepawali; it is one of the biggest festivals in India. Diwali Defines the victory of good over evil. You Searched or are here in this post means you are looking for short, cute, emotional video that can express your feelings and share messages to wish happy Diwali to your loved ones, family friends. Then i would like to say that you are the right place, we have a list of 30 second Diwali videos which are free to download. You can use them on WhatsApp as Video status messages.

Diwali is a time when all your friends, family, relatives come together, give gifts to each other. Overall it’s a happy environment at that time everyone wishes “Happy Diwali” to each other, and share gifts. This is a great time to forget all the issues and mend the broken bonds. It is better to meet everyone in person, but if it is not possible to send them a gift by courier or wish them on social media. You can send text messages or image messages to convey your wishes. We recommend you to send a video message, those are more expressive. They say an image is thousand times better than text then videos are thousand times better than images. So, we have created original video messages to wish Happy Diwali to your friends, family, sister, brother, parents, and relatives. We have created shortly 30-second videos for it which contain's beautiful video messages and songs or background music. You might guess why we have created videos of 30-second length, we did it so that you can post it easily over WhatsApp as WhatsApp Status Video (which has a limit of 30 sec limit) or even you can send it over Facebook, Instagram too. You will not find these Diwali video messages, wishes or greeting over other places like YouTube or blogs that is for sure. It is only available on our blog and our website. you will find our other short 30 seconds video messages, statuses too. We haveDiwali, Bhai Dooj videos too check it out now. On top of that, we have other Cute, Romantic WhatsApp Video Statuses for Couples, Lovers, Huband and Wife. You can check it out. Here is the list of Happy Diwali, Happy Bhai Dooj / Bhau Bij Videos which are free to download and use. You find a free download link at end of each video. If you like the video you can share it.

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